• Level 10 Weaponsmith
    • Raldar
    • medium Hammerfist Mountains dwarf
    • XP 0
    • Initiative +2
    • Senses
    • HP 60; Bloodied 0
    • AC 18; Fortitude 3, Reflex 3, Will 7
    • Speed 20 ft 4 sq
    • (standard; at-will)
    • Align. neutral
    • Lang. dwarven
    • Skills weapon maker +15
    • Str 0 (0)
    • Dex 10 (+5)
    • Wis 15 (+7)
    • Con 12 (+6)
    • Int 18 (+9)
    • Cha 16 (+8)
    • Equipment —-
    • Description forges weapons regular and mwk.
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Raldar has been working at the forge since she was a child. She has not time for nonsense, her craft has been her one true love. She sees each weapon she sells as her child and is vehemently opposed to parting with some of her more ornate weaponry. Especially her rapiere which is rumored to have been made with sky iron given to her by an elf that rescued her. Her life story is a rich one, she is not originally from Hammerfist Holds. She was born in a land far away from here, and traded like chattle to several owners who did not want her, until she was finally given to an elven family. The family treated her with some kindness, and soon her love of iron and steel became evident. She went to live with a Kinor, an elven weaponsmith, who was corse with her, caring only for teaching her about his craft. When she was 29, and finally reached adolescense, she left her master and opened her own forge in Dauth. She was the most dedicated weaponsmith arond, and gained notariaty as being the only non elf that could make elven weapons. She befriended a particularly kind elf named Nimroon, he worked at her shop handling the business end. One night, as Raldar was trying a new technique on a rapier she was making, the fire of the forge raged out of contro, and Nimroon drug her out. She was so angry that he left the rapier, she vowed never to see him again. She wandered aimlessly around until she came to the mouth of the Hammerfist holds, and was taken in by the dwarves, and given instruction on how to make dwarven weapons. Eventually, she took over the weaponsmith’s shop from the previous owner. Five years after she took over, a package was delivered to her, and inside she found a large rock with a note. The note said This is sky iron, and Im sorry my love. As soon as she read it she started making her rapiere.


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