prayer room

Stan is to be adopted by Orek. By becoming a member of the Ironhand clan, he will have all the rights of a dwarf that was born into the clan. He will have certain responsibilities as well though, namely he will need to make sure that aid must be given to any dwarf in need, he must pray once daily to Urdr, and when a dwarf dies he must lay him in stone within a mountain.

During the adoption process,

1. he must recieve the tatoo of the ironhand clan.
2. he will be written in the list of dwarves
3. he must wear his helm of the ironhand clan at all times, especially around fellow dwarves.
4. he must spend 12hrs. in the room of prayer studying scrolls about and praying to Urdr for wisdom. (+1 to ability score)

Thaardin and Orek will accompany him in the prayer room during the 11th hour of study and prayer 5 dwarves will come in and attempt an assasination on the party.

ingeitum fighter
ingeitum fighter regular
darts of death

prayer room

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